This page will be frequently updated with new polls for our members and readers to partake in and tell us what you think needs to happen to make the real Republican majority take back the GOP and keep social extremism from destroying our Party. Feel free to leave additional comments on the poll below.


2 Responses to Polling

  1. Juan says:

    Until moderates retake the party by creating institutions,media,think tank,magazines,youth groups,college groups, we will not win this battle, There are 55 million Republicans, moderate GOP groups are silent, they need to pull there resources together and began creating institutions for young people. Today if you are a Republican there only polciy think tanks in the party on with the right wing. The Republican Youth Majority has teh same webiste from 10 years ago?? This is terrible.

  2. Connie D. says:

    Until more moderates become willing to take a stand against the extreme, we will keep hearing the same outlandish and bigoted talk from the right wing. Soon(if it isn’t already) it will be known as Main Stream Republican.
    Please take back your party. I admit to leaving when Pro-choice was removed from the parties platform.

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