Stories You Should Know (7/7/10)

Washington Post (Washington, DC)
The Obama administration’s decision to move forward with a legal challenge to Arizona’s stringent illegal immigration law will almost certainly elevate the issue on the campaign trail this fall.

Charleston Gazette (Charleston, WV)
Gov. Joe Manchin has scheduled an 11 a.m. media-availability event Wednesday morning at the Capitol to answer questions about the process for filling Sen. Robert C. Byrd’s seat.

Chicago Tribune (Chicago, IL)
U.S. Senate candidate Mark Kirk hit two of his fellow Republican statewide candidates Tuesday on tax-related issues that have been front and center in a pair of top Illinois races this year. Kirk said he doesn’t think it’s right that some candidates didn’t pay any income taxes last year or haven’t made their tax returns available to the public.

Arkansas News (Little Rock, AR)
The Senate Republican leader says a seat awaits U.S. Rep. John Boozman on the committee headed by Sen. Blanche Lincoln if the congressman unseats the incumbent Democrat in Arkansas’ November U.S. Senate race.

Baltimore Sun (Baltimore, MD)
As Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. hit the Maryland gubernatorial campaign trail with his new running mate Thursday, an image emerged of a modern suburban mom: a smart woman who has balanced raising children with an intellectually challenging career.


One Response to Stories You Should Know (7/7/10)

  1. I have trouble understanding how an unborn fetus can be given personhood at the expense of the mother’s rights to for any reason she decides to have an abortion. It is totally against the Constitution which gives those rights to all US citizens and that includes more than 50% of those, viz. WOMEN. Just based on those rights no woman should be told what to do and most important her rights are not to be put on any Ballot because they are Guaranteed by the Constitution. Forget about privacy which was the main reason for passing Roe versus Wade. Just based on a woman’s Constitutional rights the Government has no business intruding into her life and telling her what she can or cannot do. If a woman has been recognised as having a right to her autonomy as all US citizens have, how can her fertilized egg’s rights supercede hers. Those Legislators and Judges who accept such a contradiction should be sued by women in those States that rob women of their Personhood and unjustly give it to any of her 500,000 fertilized eggs. That is absolutely outrageous and needs to be challenged once and for all.

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