Stories You Should Know (7/6/10)

Las Vegas Review-Journal (Las Vegas, NV)
Sharon Angle’s campaign on Monday accused Sen. Harry Reid’s campaign of “dirty tricks” and breaking the law by posting a copy of Angle’s original website on the Internet without permission.  The Reid campaign responded by taking down the duplicate website after Angle’s lawyer sent Reid a “cease and desist” letter.

Politico (Arlington, VA)
Top West Virginia labor and business leaders are calling on Gov. Joe Manchin — who local Democrats say is highly interested in running for Senate — to reverse course and appoint himself to the seat held by the late Sen. Robert Byrd (D-W.Va.).

Washington Post (Washington, D.C)
A revolt among big donors on Wall Street is hurting fundraising for the Democrats’ two congressional campaign committees, with contributions from the world’s financial capital down 65 percent from two years ago.

Washington Post (Washington D.C.)
The Justice Department has decided to file suit against Arizona on the grounds that the state’s new immigration law illegally intrudes on federal prerogatives.

Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles, CA)
Senators McCain, Graham and DeMint question the GOP Chairman’s ability to lead after his remarks on the war in Afghanistan.

USA Today (USA)
Lincoln Chafee comes from a long line of Rhode Island governors, three in the previous four generations, all of them Republicans. Now the former Republican senator and mayor of Warwick is running for governor himself.


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