Stories You Should Know (6/22/10)

The Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles, CA)
Enthusiasm among Republicans and their allies has hit the highest level for a midterm election year since pollsters began tracking this measurement, Gallup announced on Monday

Politico (Arlington, VA)
Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, the top Republican on the Judiciary Committee, on Monday evening warned that Republicans may boycott the start of Elena Kagan’s Supreme Court hearings if senators do not get to review scores of documents from the solicitor general’s past.
Washington Post (Washington, D.C.)
Former Congressional candidate Tim Bridgewater holds a nine-point lead over businessman Mike Lee heading into Tuesday’s Utah Senate Republican primary, according to a poll released over the weekend.  The most telling number in the poll, though, is that one in four primary voters remain undecided, an unusually high number that speaks to the difficulty voters could be having differentiating between the two candidates.

New York Times (New York, NY)
President Obama will soon expand the rights of gay workers by allowing them to take family and medical leave to care for sick or newborn children of same-sex partners, administration officials said Monday.

Wall Street Journal (USA)
White House budget director Peter Orszag, one of the most visible members of President Barack Obama’s economic team, will be leaving his post in July—the most senior official to leave the Obama administration, according to two knowledgeable administration officials.


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