Super Tuesday Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is “Super Tuesday” for the 2010 primary elections, with votes taking place in four different states. One of these elections is not a primary but a special election that could further gauge the country’s mood and political swing. Here is a brief look at the races:

Penn. Senate Race: The Pennsylvania Senate Primary for the Democratic Party is here, and all eyes are watching the final neck-and-neck showdown between Senator Arlen Specter and Representative Joe Sestak. Specter has the White House’s backing and a long service record as a Republican Senator (he changed Parties last year). Sestak has been running as the candidate of “change”. This primary will certainly help gauge if the anti-incumbent mood is still strong.

Penn. Special Election for 12th District: The voters in former Rep. John Murtha’s (D) southwestern PA district will also be deciding if the district will stay in Democratic hands with former Murtha staffer Mark Critz, or hand it over to Republican Tim Burns. This district is a lean Republican seat—however, GOPers have never seen a victory in a special election here.

Ark. Senate Primary: Senator Blanche Lincoln goes against popular Lt. Governor Bill Halter in the Democratic Party that will allow voters in AR to finally decide whether or not they support Lincoln’s votes for the healthcare reform. If she survives the Primary, she’ll then likely face Republican Rep. John Boozman in the general, a race that is already polling close.

Ken. Senate Primary: In a GOP primary that has pitted the Tea Party against DC Senate Leadership, Rand Paul (Tea Party favorite and son of Ron Paul) goes up against Trey Grayson in a race that has also become a referendum Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and the Washington Republican establishment. Again, this is another storyline that will truly help gauge America’s mood on its resolution tomorrow night.

In addition to this, Oregon has its primary, which current Sen. Ron Wyden (D) is expected to win with little attention being given to this much calmer and predictable race.

Keep your eye on our blog for updates tomorrow.


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