Stories You Should Know (5/14/10)

Reuters (USA)
Shares of credit card companies fell in premarket trading on Friday, a day after the Senate voted to limit fees charged on credit and debit card transactions.

Miami Herald (Miami, FL)
The Republican Party’s front-runner for governor, Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum, threw his support Thursday behind a tough new immigration law in Arizona that he criticized as “far out” just two weeks ago.

Santa Cruz Sentinel (Santa Cruz, CA)
In the campaign for U.S. Senate, one candidate stands out in both major parties: Republican Tom Campbell.

Washington Post (Washington, DC)
A series of polls released over the last few days in the Pennsylvania Senate Democratic primary all point to a single indisputable fact: Sen. Arlen Specter has gone from heavy favorite to — at best — an even money bet in his race Tuesday against Rep. Joe Sestak.

New York Times (New York, NY)
Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts asked Elena Kagan about military issues when they met yesterday. Her response must have pleased him. “It was very clear to me after we spoke about it at length that she is very supportive of the men and women who are fighting to protect us and very supportive of the military as whole,” Mr. Brown told reporters.


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