Stories You Should Know (4/28/10)

Washington Post (Washington, DC)
A Senate showdown has put Goldman Sachs’ defense of its conduct in the run-up to the financial crisis on display before indignant lawmakers and a national audience. Democrats hope it also builds momentum for legislation, now before the Senate, to tighten regulation of the nation’s financial system.

The Atlantic (USA)
Here’s a sneak peak at the Democratic Party’s national election message for 2010, courtesy of a party official. It’ll be unveiled officially by DNC chairman Tim Kaine at a Christian Science Monitor luncheon later today. The basic point, quite naturally, is that the Democrats want to offer voters a choice, not a referendum, based on a foundation of “real accomplishments”, including the “transition from a recession to a recovery”.

Times Union (Albany, NY)
Political consultant Jay Townsend (R) will announce his run for U.S. Senate against NY Senator Chuck Schumer on Saturday morning in Cornwall-on-Hudson.

Orlando Sentinel (Orlando, FL)
Gov. Charlie Crist is expected to announce Thursday his intentions for the U.S. Senate race, but the latest buzz — as of this afternoon at least — is that he’ll declare an independent candidacy, most likely in his hometown of St. Petersburg.

WTOP (Washington, DC)
A gun bill is expected to be introduced in the Senate that would overturn many of the District’s tough gun laws. Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.) introduced the Second Amendment Enforcement Act Tuesday.

CBS News (USA)
The controversial immigration bill signed into law in Arizona Friday is exposing a rift in the Republican Party over how it addresses issues important to Latinos, a fast-growing voting bloc overwhelmingly opposed to the GOP-backed bill.


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