Personal freedoms groups begin to call “foul” at White House

Recently, much has been made about of the lack of action the Obama Administration has made on campaign promises to the gay rights movement. Many in the equality movement have accused Obama of only paying lip service to their cause by signing small executive orders than can be easily overturned, and not pushing for the real legislative changes for their cause.

Some seem shocked by this. For anyone who’s been fighting for personal freedoms, however, we know that this is just the cold, hard truth of this Administration. So far, President Obama has done the same to the pro-choices movement. After someone who seemed to promise the moon and the stars during his Presidential campaign to women’s groups the Obama Administration has done so little to keep those promises. In fact they even helped push through one of the most anti-choice pieces of legislation we’ve seen in years- many in the personal freedoms movement are just as shocked by those in the equality movement.

However, it’s interesting to see that while proponents of gay rights have no problems on calling out Obama for his failure to help their cause, pro-choicers seem to be muffled- or worse, gagged all together in their criticism of Obama’s unwillingness to follow through on his promises.

The pro-choice movement cannot afford to sit back and continue to play nice with an increasingly hostile White House. We must remind the President of his promises and hold him accountable, much like the gay rights movement is doing, instead of allowing our voices to be muffled once again.


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