Pundits Wage Attacks Against Sen. Coburn

It’s official: the fundamentalist pundits have jumped the proverbial shark.


Apparently, Senator Tom Coburn- the same one who’s known for his fundamentalist anti-choice views and constant barrage of legislation meant to allow the government to control personal freedoms- is too moderate for them.

Let’s back up for a moment: Senator Tom Coburn, who (all jesting aside) led a valiant fight against the healthcare reform and mandate legislation, was at a town hall in Oklahoma last week and criticized some pundits’ characterizing of Nancy Pelosi, stating that she’s a “nice lady” and that the Democrats in Washington are “good people” that are mislead and don’t realize how much they’re hurting the country.

Sounds fair, right?

Coburn also straightened out some of the right-wing myths about healthcare that were simply false, encouraging people to think for themselves. This also sounds fair: the Senator was encouraging the very Republican principle of free thought.

But not according to the pundits: Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck have slammed Coburn for his comments that showed a decency and fellowship between Parties that is not often seen. Now, these talking heads are claiming that Coburn is off his rocker, and has become a moderate.

We can’t help but balk at this. Senator Tom Coburn did a great job fighting healthcare for the GOP and his work to try to improve the healthcare legislation in many instances. Senator Coburn is someone we might disagree with on the issue of choice, but he did show a rare glimpse of how things should be on the Hill. And he refused to give in to the dissemination of half-truths about healthcare, instead concentrating on the realities of the healthcare bill that make it so troubling and disturbing. He should not be vilified but commended for these actions. Instead, we should all be working to encourage less vitriol and more bipartisanship on Capitol Hill.


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