1 in 10 Americans ID with Tea Party

According to new polling, 1 out of 10 Americans identify with the Tea Party movement.

This polling holds two interesting connotations to it: one part being that many Americans are angry at Washington and becoming politically active in calls for fiscal responsibility.The other is that if the Tea Party can keep itself from dividing over social issues as the different fringes of the group struggle to establish themselves, it could be a formidable force for change come November.

The Tea Party has attracted so many Americans for it’s calls for fiscal conservatism, and limiting the ever expanding federal government, especially when it comes to their intrusion into personal matters. Because of this foundation- which is much like the Republican Party’s- many Libertarians, paleo-conservatives, and socially moderate Republicans were drawn to the Tea Party’s early days.

However, the same fundamentalists that have worked to choke out these values in the GOP have also been invading the Tea Party. This continues to create divisions in the Tea Party movement.

If the Tea Party wants to be successful in November and keep this momentum, those at the helm should take a look at the lessons learned by we Republicans. Allowing your Party to become caught up on social issues, ones that directly clash with the ideal of limiting government intrusion, will only chase moderates, independents, and fiscal conservatives away from the Tea Party’s influence.

The Tea Party must also understand that launching third Party candidates is a dangerous game to play- one that usually results in a Democratic win. Splitting a ticket between two conservative candidates- especially with one being far more extreme than the other- is what Democrats hope and dream for. We need to come together and learn to compromise for the good of the country this fall- after all, we can all agree that any candidate that works to limit government spending, protect personal freedoms, and fight the ever-growing bureaucracy in Washington, is one far better than another big-spending elected who will continue to unquestioningly support the big government Washington agenda.


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