More states consider joining HCR lawsuit

More and more states are jumping into the lawsuits around the healthcare mandate bill, citing strapped budgets and concerns over protecting state’s rights. Many states have proclaimed the bill unconstitutional, adding to the fight.

However, there have been a clash of powers in some states where one Party controls the Governor’s mansion- and another the Attorney General’s office. Many Democrats are hesitant to join the lawsuits. Republicans are reacting to the bill’s potential to override certain state-held rights and bankrupting potential.

States with Republican Governors who have requested Democratic Attorney Generals take part in the lawsuit are: Arizona, Georgia (who’s Attorney General is running for Governor), Mississippi and Nevada. States with the opposite situation- Republican Attorney Generals who are filing and Democrat Governors who are trying to stop it- are Michigan and Washington.

In addition, Republicans in Connecticut are urging Democratic Senate Candidate and Attorney General Dick Blumenthal to file. Connecticut has been increasingly hit by budget shortfalls, and many see this as a decision that could come back to haunt Blumenthal if he doesn’t file.

Representative Lynn Jenkins, an RMC ally, has urged her state’s Democratic Attorney General to also join the lawsuit.


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