Stories You Should Know (3/19/10)

The House is expected to vote Sunday on the health care bill passed by the Senate in December. Republicans have vowed to do everything they can to kill the bill. 

Politico (Washington, DC)
So far, none of the Democrats agonizing about how to vote on health care reform has announced, “I’m just going to do whatever is most politically expedient.” But on the chance — call it a hypothetical — that this might actually be the decisive factor, wavering lawmakers find themselves confronted with a disorienting barrage of polls and even more disorienting arguments about what the polls really mean. 

Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles, CA)
South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford agreed Thursday to pay a $74,000 fine to settle an allegation that he breached the state ethics code 37 times by overspending on travel and making personal use of state airplanes and campaign funds. 

President Barack Obama, facing criticism from advocates of immigration reform, pledged Thursday “to do everything in my power” to get immigration legislation moving in Congress this year.


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