Stories You Should Know (3/15/10)

Buffalo News (Buffalo, NY)
While the U.S. census has always evoked some resentment toward the feds for poking their nose into people’s business, there’s a sense that America’s distrust of the government has reached greater heights and could contribute to poor census returns this year.

Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles, CA)
Some of the major Republicans vying to become California’s next governor or U.S. senator have more money than others. Some are better known. Some are more in sync with their party’s traditional views. But what all five have in common as they look toward the June 8 primary is a determination to tap what they see as public fury over the failures of government.

Sun-Times (Chicago, IL)
Still seeking votes for his proposed health care overhaul, President Barack Obama appears ready to reverse his position and allow unpopular deal-sweetening measures in the hopes of finding Democratic support for legislation whose future will be decided in coming days.

New York Post (New York, NY)
Diana Taylor, the longtime girlfriend of Mayor Bloomberg and RMC Choice Award Recipient, said today she won’t throw her hat in the ring to challenge Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand – quickly ending an open question after national GOPers approached her about the possibility.


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