Stories You Should Know (3/10/10)

Washington Post (Washington, DC)
Just seven minutes into Glenn Beck’s hour-long interview of Eric Massa on Tuesday evening, things had already gone very wrong, with Massa confessing to groping a male staffer. It was just the beginning of a very strange night for Glenn Beck and his viewers.

Miami Herald (Miami, FL)
Ex-House Speaker Marco Rubio racked up $250 million in budget requests for hometown spending, which could become a controversial subject in the Republican senate race.

Google News (USA)
Legislation blending help for the jobless with popular tax breaks for businesses and individuals is slated to pass the Senate Wednesday over protests from conservatives who say it adds too much to the $12.5 trillion national debt.

Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles, CA)
John G. Roberts Jr. tells law students that the president’s rebuke of a ruling on corporate campaign funding and the subsequent cheering at the State of the Union address were ‘very troubling.’

Delaware Now (Wilmington, DE)
Christine O’Donnell will formally launch her Republican primary campaign for the U.S. Senate on Wednesday. O’Donnell will face U.S. Rep. Mike Castle, who announced last year he is seeking the seat vacated by Joe Biden when he was elected vice president. Castle is a highly popular moderate, pro-choice Republican who has represented the state for decades.


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