NY-29 Special Election: Bringing hope to the NYGOP?

With the retirement of Democratic Congressman Eric Massa, upstate New York has another special election to look forward to- one that could likely become a Republican pick-up.

Massa resigned after he was charged with an ethics violation due to some “salty language” and a sexual innuendo he made to a male aide. Massa claims that the White House and Democratic leadership has been pushing him out due to his “no” vote on the healthcare reform bill. Now, Governor David Patterson (D), who is embroiled in his own political scandal, must decide when he will hold the special election.

NY-29 is a great prospect for New York Republicans to pick up- it’s one of a handful of districts that voted for McCain in 2008. However, the lessons of last fall must be remembered for a moderate swing seat: concentrate on the real issues, don’t allow divisive social issues to take center stage, and don’t allow the race to be hijacked by out-of-state, out-of-district interests.

In fact, RRM thinks that these lessons would be best applied to all Republican races- its not just a recipe for success, but one for victory.


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