Obama Endorses Harmful Reconciliation

Despite putting forth the face of “bipartisanship” for a health care summit tomorrow at the White House, President Obama appears to be fully prepared for the summit’s failure and has announced that, if it does, he will support the reconciliation process that will allow Congressional Democrats to force the swollen and confusing health care reform package through.

Many Republicans have responded with anger, noting how this tarnishes the spirit of tomorrow’s meetings. Senator Olympia Snowe told the New York Times that using the reconciliation process would be “a huge mistake”. Reconciliation would not only allow little to no bipartisan input, but mean that the thousands of concerns voiced by Americans over the package would be unaddressed and even ignored by Congressional Democrats.

President Obama needs to ensure that all concerns are addressed in a bill that would push such mounting changes- with so many potentially adverse effects- through Congress, and ensure that all legal medical procedures are given proper coverage in a non-discriminatory manner. For this to happen, he must foster a bipartisan environment- and stop threatening to support divisive and unpopular tactics to pass an unwanted mandate.


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