Stories You Should Know (2/1/10)

Washington Post (Washington, DC)
The Senate race in the President’s home state will be among the most symbolically important and expensive races in the country this year. After Republican Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts this month, the GOP sees a clear path to victory in this Democratic state — and his name is Mark Kirk.

Politico (Washington, DC)
Republicans averted an ideological showdown here Friday, passing a tepid party resolution in place of a candidate “purity test.”

Wall Street Journal (USA)
President Barack Obama will propose on Monday a $3.8 trillion budget for fiscal 2011 that projects the deficit will shoot up to a record $1.6 trillion this year, but would push the red ink down to about $700 billion, or 4% of the gross domestic product, by 2013, according to congressional aides.

Albany Times Union (Albany, NY)
At a private meeting, more Democratic Party officials called for Attorney General Andrew Cuomo – not Gov. David Paterson – to lead the Democratic slate in 2010.

The Hill (Washington, DC)
Congressional Republicans had sent a split message on bipartisanship by the end of last week, with House members welcoming President Barack Obama’s plea to work together yet with GOP senators holding up a pair of party-line votes as the most likely way forward for Congress.


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