RNC Negotiates on Purity Test

RMC National Board co-Chair Candy Straight has a new blog up at the Huffington Post today. Candy addressed the dangerous “purity test resolution” being pushed by Party extremists that would cut many of the RNC’s top recruits out of funding, and mandate the so-called litmus tests. Candy’s post, which reminds all of us that an inclusive big tent GOP is the one and only way to win elections and promote the real Republican agenda of sound fiscal policy and economic growth.

On the heels of this post came the RNC announcement that the resolution has been changed so that, while there is still a negative litmus test, it cannot be used to withhold funding. This shows that the RNC recognizes that refusing to endorse anyone who disagrees with the Party on controversial social issues- and instead embraces the core issues of the Republican Party- is foolish; but they still must appease the small group of extremists that continue to try to manipulate the GOP.

What are your thoughts on Candy’s post and the RNC resolution? Tell us on our Real Republican Majority blog here.


8 Responses to RNC Negotiates on Purity Test

  1. Dee Coats says:

    What in the world are they thinking? Did they not read the results of Virginia, NJ and Mass? Did they not see that we won because economic issues were stressed and social issues were not discussed. I was so excited after Mass (and it’s been a long time since I’ve been excited about the GOP) and when I read the WSJ editorial, I went back into a depression. We have such an opportunity here if the crazies don’t blow it!

  2. John D. Wells says:

    Clearly Jim Bopp puts the Religious Right of the Republican party above the well being of the party as a whole. If the leadership of the RNC does not have the will or the power to stop the “Purity Test” then the party cannot take advantage of the election opportunity that presents itself. The party must present the nation with the real Republican agenda of sound fiscal policy and economic growth. Support from the moderate center of the national electorate is where elections are to be won. Remove Jim Bopp from leadership in the party.

  3. Queenie says:

    Just when I think the GOP can’t be more out of touch they come up with even newer ways to look ridiculous.
    There is no such thing as a “pure republican” anymore than there is a pure democrat or a pure independent so this is a test destined for a lot of failing grades on a candidate answer sheet.

    I think what they really need to be doing in Hawaii is coming up with a new slogan. It’s pretty clear “the party of the big tent” doesn’t fit anymore so how about “the party of the tone deaf”? I invite you all to offer your new slogan for the GOP – maybe that will get their attention!

  4. Ellie Raths says:

    The reason Scott Brown’s win was so encouraging to me(I paid little attention to the details of VA and NJ, but was happy with the results)is I listened to his acceptance speech and heard specific issues he would tackle in Congress and I agreed with every one. I would add that his comfortable demeanor and sense of humor are desirable characteristics – he and his family looked real. May there be more GOP candidates, male or female, with the same attributes.

  5. Judith Hartig-Osanka says:

    The purity test is abusrd, but what concerns me more is that the tent hasn’t become any bigger just because of the 2009 victories. The three candidates who won didn’t talk about social issues. None of them are pro-choice, and they are just as homophobic and anti-immigration reform as the RNC. The only pro-choice candidate last year had to leave the race and endorse the Democrat. What is going to happen if there is a real pro-choice Republican running for Congress this year?

  6. Carol Daniels says:

    There never has been and never will be “purity” on ANY issue. There should never be “purity tests” on any issue, money or not. There never will be a “perfect” candidate for any position from any party.

    When will this country be able (again?) to carry on debates on the issues without turning them into party-line and ad hominum rants. Until we respect others as people with beliefs and consciences, it will be impossible to truly legislate what is a solid and goo course for this country. A “no” vote is an honorable position on any issue if it is taken on true principle. When it is simply to defeat the other side, not to move the deliberations on any issue forward, we cease to be a democracy.

    There is NO position except “NO” on any radical right issue as far as I am concerned. Not because a person cannot hold those tenets, but because to demand that degree of purity severely limits a party to its “true believers”. We are trying to run a country here, not a mega-church.

  7. Caroline Roche says:

    Candy Straight has said it so well. It gives me some hope that perhaps the RNC might really hear us. Is there no way to wrest control back from the right wing fundamentalists?

    Unfortunately most of the conservative talk shows on radio are on the RINO side. They keep saying that conservatives have to be even more to that way of thinking. The only exception I know of is Neal Bortz, and he calls himself a Libertarian.

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