Stories You Should Know (1/28/10)

Wall Street Journal (USA)
President Barack Obama, seeking to recapture the promise of change that propelled him to the White House, returned to his pledge to remake Washington after a bruising first year that saw his approval ratings drop and his ambitious agenda falter.

Politico (Washington, DC)
The President the GOP decried for months as too far to the left on issues ranging from health care to war spending offered Republicans some things to be happy about Wednesday night.

Washington Post (Washington, DC)
Virginia Gov. Robert F. McDonnell called for a smaller, less intrusive federal government and an end to Democratic health-care reform in the Republican response to the State of the Union.

Stamford Advocate (Stamford, CT)
In the strongest indication yet that he may re-enter politics, former Rep. Christopher Shays R-Conn., said Wednesday night that he wants to run for governor this year if the stars align.

Seattle Times (Seattle, WA)
Laying out a possible path to passing health-care legislation, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Wednesday the House should pass the Senate’s version by using a process known as “budget reconciliation” to make changes that House members are demanding.

CQ Politics (USA)
A source close to wealthy real estate developer Jim Lindsey (R) said Wednesday evening that the former Minnesota Viking football player is in the final stages of launching his bid to unseat Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D) this fall.


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