Moderate GOPer Brown Wins Upset in MA

Tonight a new chapter in  Massachusetts and national politics was written when Republican nominee Scott Brown beat the odds and won the long-held Democratic seat. This is the first time a Republican was elected to represent Massachusetts in the US Senate since 1979, and is the defeat of a Democratic “stronghold”. At this time, the results are Scott Brown, 53%; Martha Coakley, 46%; with third-party candidate Joe Kennedy holding 1% of the vote.

Brown won thanks to a growing feeling of dissatisfaction among independent and moderate voters. Many Americans, inside and outside  Massachusetts, are turned off by the big government policies of the Democrats in  Washington, DC. Many more are increasingly wary of their plan for health care reform.

Brown wisely ran on a common sense platform, highlighting his solutions and mainstream record. When the Democrats tried to distort this record they failed. The results of this race show that Republicans’ chances of major victories in 2010 are improving substantially. Democrats are now on the defensive as they have lost their supermajority in the Senate.

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