Three Big Retirements Rock 2010 Hopes for Dems

The wave of Democratic retirements in the face of an unhappy populace and bad poll numbers continued last night, hitting three major seats and creating more open seats for Democrats to defend. In Connecticut, Sen. Chris Dodd announced he would not seek re-election after close to thirty years in the seat. Dodd has come under fire for authoring a bill that protected AIG bonuses and accusations of a “sweetheart” mortgage deal. Real Republican Rob Simmons has been running for the seat and was shown beating Dodd, and has announced that he will continue to run against whoever takes Dodd’s place.

In North Dakota, Sen. Byron Dorgan is expected to announce his retirement. Dorgan’s seat lies in a Republican-leaning area and is expected to be a major potential win for Republicans.

Colorado’s Democratic Governor Bill Ritter has also announced that he will not run for the seat again. Ritter, a “rising Democratic star”, will withdraw from the 2010 race this week and cited the toll the job took on his family as a reason. Colorado Democrats now face the tough job of finding someone to fill the seat in this vital swing state.

RRM will continue to update you on any developments.


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