Could 2010 Hail the Return of the Real Republican?

During the break between Christmas and New Year, when most people were listening to “top 10” reports and summaries for the 2009, Rasmussen Reports put out an interesting poll pointing to major changes in 2010. According to their Dec. 29 poll, Republicans have a five point lead over Democrats in the general Congressional election this upcoming year. This year, professional pundits are saying, Republicans will come back- much like the 1994 elections under Bill Clinton.

It’s clear to us and anyone watching the news that many Americans are unhappy with the current situation: healthcare was pushed through, with many Americans unsure about the real costs and economic results it will have. Christmas Day showed that Americans are still being successfully targeted by agents of terror. The economy has yet to recover from what is now being called “the Great Recession”.

However, just because Congressional Democrats are losing the favor of the American people does it mean that Republicans have a slam dunk. As we saw in NY-23 last year, Republicans still have to prevent our own self-destruction by fighting off the extremists and radicals in the Party that want only their fundamentalist versions of Republicans (who often seem to go against traditional GOP tenets like “protecting personal freedoms”). We need to make sure that the Republicans nominated are the Republicans that can win and take back the vital swing seats needed. We need to open our Party and return it to the Big Tent.

We’re excited to see more and more mainstream Republican candidates gaining power in the GOP and gaining attention across the nation. 2010 might not just be the year Republicans win, but the year real Republicanism returns.


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