Stories You Should Know (12/15/09)

Wall Street Journal (USA)
Sen. John McCain kept a relatively low profile for months after he lost the 2008 presidential election to Barack Obama. Those days are over. In the health-care battle, the Arizona Republican has suddenly emerged as the John McCain of old — a vigorous political combatant.

Boston Globe (Boston, MA)
The Republican nominee for US Senate, state Senator Scott P. Brown, escalated his challenge to Democrat Martha Coakley yesterday by accepting invitations to seven debates during the final four weeks of the campaign.

San Francisco Chronicle (San Francisco, CA)
Former South Bay Rep. Tom Campbell, asked about buzz that he’s being urged to rethink his 2010 GOP gubernatorial run — and enter the U.S. Senate race — was unusually tightlipped Monday.

Politico (Washington, DC)
President Barack Obama has decided to move some of the roughly 215 war-on-terror prisoners at Guantanamo Bay to an empty state prison in rural Illinois, about 150 miles west of Chicago.

Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles, CA)
The idea of expanding Medicare to people as young as 55 seemed key to a healthcare compromise last week, but after unexpected opposition from centrists such as Joe Lieberman, it appears doomed.


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