Why the GOP “Purity Test” will hurt the RNC

We’ve been saying it for awhile: the extremists are out to kill the GOP.

Their latest poison is an absurd “purity test” that some GOP committeemen, such as National Right to Life lawyer James Bopp Jr.(IN), want candidates to have to pass or else be barred from RNC funding.

This comes after moderate Republicans were once again proven right and two candidates won by running campaigns designed to attract moderates and independents- and avoided catering to the base. The lone race with a far-right, extremist campaign strategy in NY-23 was the sole Republican loss this year – and a 100-year long GOP seat fell with it.

Panicked as they see their grip over the GOP slipping- and RNC leaders turning away from the tactics of these radicals- the Purity Test would likely force many candidates out of the RNC’s funding pool. This list includes common sense Conservatives that are the GOP’s biggest hopes for winning crucial Senate seats in 2010.

It’s sadly amusing that these fundamentalists are claiming that Reagan is the inspiration for this measure. Did they forget Reagan’s 11th Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Speak Ill of a Fellow Republican?

Looks as so.

Are you “pure” enough to pass the GOP Purity Test? Click here and find out!


One Response to Why the GOP “Purity Test” will hurt the RNC

  1. Thurman Hart says:

    Just wondering if the National GOP will refuse money from those of us who don’t pass the purity test…

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