Stories You Should Know (11/30/09)

Sphere (USA)
The “RNC Resolution on [Ronald] Reagan’s Unity Principle for Support of Candidates,” the measure sets forth 10 “key policy positions” that define, in the opinion of the RNC, what it is to be a Republican. The Sphere asks: Do You Pass the GOP’s Purity Test?

Miami Herald (Miami, FL)
Republicans and Democrats have their prey in sight as they target races to contest in the 2010 elections. But for now, the focus of many is not on members of the other party. It’s on officeholders within their own party who they say have strayed from the party base on hot-button issues, raising questions about their loyalties.

USA Today (USA)
As the Senate begins debate this week on a 10 year, $848 billion health care bill, a few lawmakers are positioned to exert enormous influence over President Obama’s top priority as the legislation moves toward its final stages.

Google News (USA)
Consumer activist and Connecticut native Ralph Nader said Friday he is “absorbing” the reaction he’s receiving about a possible bid for the U.S. Senate, saying he wants to first gauge the level of grassroots support before making a decision.


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