NY-23: Hoffman “unconcedes”

The story surrounding NY-23 is continuing to become stranger and stranger. First, earlier this week, Doug Hoffman, the out-of-district Conservative candidate decided to “unconcede” to Representative Bill Owens (who has already been confirmed in the House). This decision came after Hoffman heard reports that the margin between him and Owens was getting smaller thanks to absentee ballots. This move didn’t just create a new word (“unconcede”), but showed that Hoffman isn’t done with his fifteen minutes of fame yet.

Things got even weirder after Hoffman, realizing that he had only gained 344 absentee votes and the majority of uncounted absentee ballots were from Democratic strongholds, called voter fraud. This once tried and true Democratic tactic now appears to be the extremists’ newest playcard, claiming that ACORN and unions stole the election. Even the local GOP called foul on this one, saying the accusations were “absolutely false”.  [Source: Politico]

The extreme wing seems prepared to do anything to keep their names in the news and try to spin this election. It’s time for them to face the truth: their socially exclusive, extremist and out-of touch, nationally-funded campaign tactics lost this race and gave another GOP seat to the Democrats.

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