Stories You Should Know (09 Election Edition!)

Washington Post (Washington, DC)

Tuesday’s elections provided the first tangible evidence that Republicans can win their support with the right kind of candidates and the right messages. That is an ominous development for Democrats if it continues unabated into next year. But Republicans could squander that opportunity if they demand candidates who are too conservative to appeal to the middle.

Huffington Post (USA)

Doug Hoffman lost his election last night. He was supported by a plurality of talk radio entertainers, and a majority of former half-term governors of Alaska, but it wasn’t enough. An obscure quirk of constitutional law says you also need votes from voters.


Star-Ledger (Trenton, NJ)

Republican Chris Christie, a corporate lawyer turned crusading federal prosecutor, was elected New Jersey’s 55th governor last night, ousting Jon Corzine, an unpopular but well-funded incumbent, in a race viewed as an early referendum on President Obama.


New York Post (New York, NY)

The mayoral race turned into an unexpected squeaker last night, with Mayor Bloomberg barely past Democratic rival Bill Thompson to win a third term.


Washington Post (Washington, DC)

Virginians elected Republican Robert F. McDonnell the commonwealth’s 71st governor Tuesday, sweeping the GOP to power and emphatically halting a decade of Democratic advances in the critical swing state.


San Francisco Chronicle (San Francisco, CA)

Democratic Lt. Gov. John Garamendi is heading to Washington, D.C., today to be sworn into Congress after beating four other candidates in a special election to fill the Congressional seat vacated by Rep. Ellen Tauscher, D-Walnut Creek.


ABC News (USA)

The tide of extending marriage rights to same-sex couples — which has swept across New England in recent months — has stopped at Maine.


OC Register (Orange County, CA)

“This is what motivates me to run for the U.S. Senate. And so today I am announcing my candidacy to serve the people of California as your next U.S. senator,” Carly Fiorina writes in an op-ed.


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