Politico: Snowe to TPaw: GOP Should “Borrow My Approach”

Here we go, first Dick Armey and now other right wingers are in Politico basically naming the next round of Republicans they want to take on- and wannabe Presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty is threatening Senator Olympia Snowe.
Pawlenty, speaking early Monday on MSNBC, suggested there might be a backlash against Snowe if she had more “deviations” from the “conservative GOP orthodoxy”.
Snowe took serious issue with Pawlenty’s underlying argument that some members of the GOP’s moderate flank are a  “joke.”
“All I know is that I’ve been a life-long Republican, I [spent] 16 years toiling in the minority in the House of Representatives and [was part of] the effort to get us the majority in 1994 — now were in the minority and I’m still here,” she added, with a laugh.
“So, I don’t know — I think they could probably borrow more from me in that sense, in terms of being in touch with your constituents…”
Snowe went on to say – “I think we’ve got to be inclusive in the model of President Reagan… the Lee Atwater approach, the big tent, I think that’s what we have to be all about. I always think that we have to be flexible in accommodating a variety of views if we want to be a majority party in reflecting the spectrum across America.”
Read the entire article here and tell Senator Snowe she’s right- we need to be an inclusive Republican Party and far-right attacks on sitting Republican Senators will lead to one thing and one thing only – more Democrats in the Senate . We can all agree we don’t need that.

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