Open Thread Crosspost: Election Day

Crossposted to the GOPChoice blog.

It’s Election Day in cities, states, and districts across the nation. While some elections are gaining more coverage than others, we wanted to remind our members that all elections, no matter the level, are important and moderate Republicans are needed at every level to vote and stay involved in the election of people that will be creating and framing policies that affect you. If there’s an election in your area today, make sure you get out and vote!

On that note- we’re doing an “open thread” today where you can post your thoughts and reactions to voting, the mood, recent election news, etc- all here on the RMC/RRM community. Click the “Comment” link and tell us what’s on your mind as we vote today.

Keep checking back here and on our Facebook and Twitter for news on the NY-23 and VA/NJ Gov elections!


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