Stories You Should Know

New York Times (New York, NY)

The battle for upstate New York confirms just how swiftly the right has devolved into a wacky, paranoid cult that is as eager to eat its own as it is to destroy Obama. The movement’s undisputed leaders, Palin and Beck, neither of whom has what Palin once called the “actual responsibilities” of public office, would gladly see the Republican Party die on the cross of right-wing ideological purity.

Politico (Washington, DC)

David Plouffe slammed Sarah Palin on Sunday for her role in the Republican Party and the NY-23 race, saying the GOP was hanging up a sign, “No moderates need apply,” that will marginalize the party for years to come.


Reuters (USA)

Republicans and Democrats are debating whether voting next Tuesday in Virginia and New Jersey governor’s races will render a first judgment on President Barack Obama. Republicans, looking ahead to 2010 congressional elections, hope the races will show they have signs of life as they try to claw back from devastating 2006 and 2008 losses.


Wall Street Journal (USA)

Republicans are preparing an alternative health-care bill to Democratic legislation, House Republican Leader John Boehner said, marking a shift in strategy as the full House is set to begin debate on the issue this week.


San Antonio News Express (San Antonio, TX)

Railroad Commissioner Michael Williams is emerging as a favorite to be named as U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison’s successor if she resigns to run for governor – creating the possibility that he could become the first black U.S. senator from Texas.


Washington Post (Washington, DC)

Maine residents will decide Tuesday whether to repeal a law allowing same-sex marriage, an effort that has succeeded in every state where it has been put before voters.


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