Why Dede Scozzafava is the right choice for NY-23

Republicans across the nation are excited about our chances in the November 3rd special election for the NY-23 Congressional seat.  The strong credentials of Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava gained her the support from local, state and national Party leaders. Dede has a long record of fiscal responsibility; she supports the rights of individuals; and giving municipalities control vs. big government mandates. Her record and beliefs are in line with the voters of the district and she is the only candidate who can keep this vital seat in the GOP column and help bring balance back to the national debate.

Unfortunately, right wing extremists are intent on pushing their narrow agenda and are working to promote a spoiler candidate.  They are abandoning the GOP to support a ‘Conservative Party’ candidate who will not win this seat.  The Club for Growth, among other single issue social organizations, are backing this third party right-winger.  The Club for Growth has a long standing history of trying to pick off socially inclusive, fiscally responsible Republicans in primary races.  It looks like they are trying to hurt the GOP and split the vote again.

Efforts to distort Dede’s record and promote an extreme agenda will lead to one thing – another win for the Democrats. This district was rated as a ‘likely GOP’ seat but has shifted to ‘lean Democratic’ race thanks to distortions of Dede’s record and initiatives to peel off GOP voters for the third party extremist.  The Club for Growth seems to be happy to help the Democrats take yet another seat away for the GOP.  At a time when we need balance on Capitol Hill and the GOP needs to add strength in numbers and voices, we need Dede Scozzafava to keep this seat for our Party.

Common sense Republicans need to stand up and help Dede. Now is the time for action. Please visit www.dedeforcongress.com and find out how you can help.

Tell us below- has Club for Growth and their ilk finally gone too far?


6 Responses to Why Dede Scozzafava is the right choice for NY-23

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  3. stan T says:

    What are you guys thinking? Want another mushy middle John McCain? Go ahead- I will bet you will lose again. This is what got you here in the first place. Crawl out from under your big tent and see the real world. Elites are elites, no matter what party. Snob up and see what you get, another Lindsey Grahamish “I know better than you” republican. Just great!

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