Stories You Should Know (10/6/09)

Washington Post (Washington, DC)

The decline in President Obama’s poll numbers — and those of his party — over the first eight months of his administration has led to a bumper crop of Republican recruits in the House as GOP candidates who sat on the sidelines for the last two election cycles are now leaping at the opportunity to run.

Chicago Sun Times (Chicago, IL)

Republican U.S. Senate front-runner Mark Kirk says he has raised $1.6 million in the reporting period that ended last week. He has $2.3 million cash on hand.

Politico (Washington, DC)

A mining company owned by Goldman Sachs and two private equity funds is in line to get a $3 million earmark for work at a rare earth elements mine in Mountain Pass, Calif. – raising questions as to why Congress would take on some of the risk for a bailed-out investment giant that’s already making a profit.


Former eBay CEO Meg Whitman’s appearance at a Virginia fundraiser this week for Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell has been canceled.

Boston Globe (Boston, MA)

Republican Charles D. Baker raised more than $540,000 in the first two months of his gubernatorial campaign, sending an early signal about his fundraising clout in a race that could cost millions to win.


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