Charlie Cook Shines a Light for Moderate Republicans

Moderate Republicans: our winter of exile is over. Charlie Cook, a noted political strategist whose political analysis is seen as Scripture for many in Washington, is out with an article in the National Journal warning Democrats that rode Obama’s coat tails into Congress and represent moderate or Republican districts may find those same coat tails smacking them in the face in this election.

However, the buried message for moderate Republicans is that the opportunity for our brand of real Republicanism is here. These 48 districts that Democrats may lose- many of which are more purple than blue or red- are filled with voters that are discontent with the direction Washington leftists are headed, but don’t want the strict adherence to religious extremism of the far-right. The answer is moderate Republicans who can offer real, sound financial solutions to counter the Democrats “spend big, tax big” mantra and turn purple into red.

Its important that moderate Republicans are supported and that the moderate Republican blogger movement works together to promote these candidates. We want our readers to tell us about opportunities you see, and candidates you know of that we should be looking at. Moderate Republicans are the answer to the Republican Party’s extremist woes. Tell us how and who you think will change the face of the GOP for us.


2 Responses to Charlie Cook Shines a Light for Moderate Republicans

  1. gopchoice says:

    Wow, that is great news. Jim Ramstad is an excellent example of a real Republican and someone who is highly respected in Minnesota. Thanks for the great information, please let us know of anyone else that you think we should know about!

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