Republican Expose Protects Taxpayer Dollars

The last few days, many conservatives and Republicans have been raising the alarm on undercover videos taped by a pair of young Republicans who’d grown concerned over rumors and suspicions that have long-surrounded ACORN, an “anti-poverty” group that has been charged with voter registration fraud in the 2008 elections. Despite these charges, Democrats continued to support ACORN funding until recently, when the videos were released and Republicans began asking questions about the funding ACORN receives.

The intrepid pair, James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles, played an aspiring politician and his prostitute girlfriend who approach ACORN workers looking for a home loan where Hannah (or “Eden/Kenya” in the videos) can work her “trade” while raising money for James to use. There’s a catch, however: they’re also importing El Salvadoran sex slaves who are thirteen and fourteen year old girls. Instead of being appalled or disturbed at what they’re hearing, the ACORN workers have instead offered advice and help without batting an eye. Baltimore workers told Hannah to lie on her tax forms and list herself as a performing artist and the girls as her dependents. Washington DC employees and Brooklyn employees offered more alternatives and advice- none of which would have benefitted the enslaved girls and acknowledged that prostitution was a crime. The San Bernandino, CA, videos were the most outrageous, where a former prostitute and madam who worked for ACORN spoke about the intricacies, offered “protection”, advised on keeping the slaves “in line”, and even insinuated herself in the murder of an ex-husband.

ACORN, which stands to gain approximately $8.7 billion dollars in stimulus dollars, has backed off from a defensive and unapologetic statement over the weekend to suspending new activities while it’s employees go through “retraining”. In the meantime, the Congress is working to strip funding from the organization, the Census Bureau is backing away from ACORN, and the White House is working hard to distance the President from the scandal.

This is a demonstration of not just an issue all Republicans have been able to band together and promote the need for reform; but a sign of the need and vitality for an active Party. It was Republicans who pushed this issue and asked questions about how much money this clearly corrupt organization was getting from taxpayers. They were also the ones demanding action was taken to ensure that the flow of federal money was stemmed. Republicans need to continue to lead the fight on tracking where our money goes, and protecting the interests of the taxpayers on Capitol Hill. That is the true focus of the GOP, and what we can win back the country on.

RRM wants to know the reactions of our readers to these videos, which you can watch at Is ACORN, as a whole, in the wrong? Or are there just a couple of “bad seeds”, as the organization’s supporters insist.


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