New Developments in MA Senate Race

This weekend saw some key announcements in the Senate race for the open seat vacated by the late Senator Ted Kennedy. While Attorney General Martha Coaxley (D) announced her candidacy for the special election early next year, the weekend began with her being the sole certain candidate. Over the weekend three announcements came from both sides of the race, two of which were potential candidates announcing they will not run. Former Bush Chief of Staff Andy Card decided not to run for the Senate seat, along with Democratic Representative Edward Markey.

There is one new candidate entering the race- Republican Scott Brown, a State Senator and former lawyer. Brown is running on a platform of fiscal conservatism and limited government, and against special interest groups. It will be an uphill battle for Brown or any Republican, as the seat has been held by Democrats since Kennedy took it in 1962. However, Massachusetts has also had strong fiscal conservatives and influential Republicans come from their state, so the Party may be primed for a comeback with both the Senate race and the gubernatorial race.

What do you think about the race? Let us know in our comments below.


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