Daily News Round-Up for September 8, 2009

Boston Globe (Boston, MA)

After days of anguished deliberation, Joseph P. Kennedy II said yesterday that he will not seek the US Senate seat of his uncle, Edward M. Kennedy, probably ending the family’s half-century of political dominance in Massachusetts and opening up the Democratic primary race.

Salem News (Salem, MA)

Former MA Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey (R) has also decided not to run for the Senate seat vacated by the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy.


Former First Lady Laura Bush sat down with CNN and defended both her husband, President Obama, and Dick Cheney in an interview that highlighted the partisan fractures on Capitol Hill.

Politico (Washington, DC)

Former Rep. Tom Davis, Chair of Republican Main Street Partnership, writes about how health care reform must be a bipartisan effort.

Billings Gazette (Billings, MT)

Sen. Max Baucus has proposed forcing insurance companies to pay higher taxes to make up for the cost of publicly covering the uninsured.

The Hill (Washington, DC)

The Senate must move legislation to raise the federal debt limit beyond $12.1 trillion by mid-October, a move viewed as necessary despite protests about the record levels of red ink.


One Response to Daily News Round-Up for September 8, 2009

  1. Al says:

    Too bad, but wish he well and respect him for his decision to abstain. No telling who is going to emerge from the wide open pack.

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