Daily News Round-Up for August 27, 2009

Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles, CA)

South Carolina’s lieutenant governor on Wednesday called for the resignation of Gov. Mark Sanford, citing “serious misconduct” and “serious distractions” that have stemmed from Sanford’s extramarital tryst with an Argentine woman.

Politico (Washington, DC)

The death of Democratic titan Sen. Ted Kennedy, which creates the first Senate opening in Massachusetts in 25 years, is likely to release the pent-up ambitions of a long line of Democrats who will find the upcoming special election hard to pass up.

Boston Globe (Boston, MA)

Meanwhile, Governor Deval Patrick (MA) is pushing for the MA Legislature to honor Kennedy’s final request for a successor to be named to take his place instead of a special election, which MA law requires.

Google News (USA)

Government data this week showed that consumers and businesses went on a big-ticket spending spree in July, sending home, car and equipment sales soaring by the largest amount in years. On Thursday, the Labor Department’s report on weekly jobless claims will indicate whether that improved confidence about the economy is boosting the job market.


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