Who’s the real “RINO”?

According to Erick Erickson over at RedState, the blog for “Republican purists” (read: social extremists who don’t understand that being a real Republican means supporting limited government, especially in personal family decisions), real Republican candidate Dede Scozzafava (NY-23) is a bad, evil RINO. She’s a liberal in sheep’s clothing. Never mind her fiscally conservative record, her support for gun rights, and her tough-on-crime record (as examined in an excellent post by Dennis Sanders at the Progressive Republican). Despite the fact that Ms. Scozzafava, a current state Assemblywoman, has a record of a fiscal conservative and one that accurately reflects her moderate district, Erickson is urging his readers to vote for the Constitutional Party candidate instead.

Why? Because Mr. Erickson is upset that the Party in NY-23 nominated a pro-choice Republican for the special election to replace McHugh. Mr. Erickson feels that despite the fact that this is a moderate district that elected Obama, Scozzafava should not be considered a real Republican because she is socially moderate.

Off-track views like the ones Mr. Erickson is proposing are the reason why our Party is in the minority.  The one-track mindset that focuses on social wedge issues drives voters from the Party. Erickson’s view of being ‘pure’ is so far off the mark – if he were really a “pure” Republican he would support our founding principles as the party of limited government intrusion and control.  A real Republican does not pick and choose which personal decisions government can 100% control, but fights for limiting the role of government as much as possible in others. The term RINO should be redirected to extremists who have a single issue litmus test and who bail on the Party if a candidate does not adhere to one hundred percent to that test.  If this Party is going to have any sort of a future, or regain the majority status, it’s people like Mr. Erickson that need to change their right-wing, fundamentalist mindset.

We want to know what our readers think. Tell us: Is this the response of scared social fundamentalists who see their extremist views being increasingly ignored by Party officials that want wins?

Kudos to Dennis Sanders for tipping us on this story!


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