Illinois Polling Shows Kirk Ahead

Good news for moderate Republicans in Illinois: new Rassmussen polling shows that Representative and GOP Senate front runner Mark Kirk (IL-10) is leading both of his Democratic rivals in the polls. Kirk has a strong lead over Cherlye Jackson (47%-30%), and continues to lead over Illinois Treasurer Alex Giannoulias (41%-38%). Giannoulias has many ties to the same Democratic machine that came under fire in the Blagojevich scandal.

While many people think that Illinois would be a liberal stronghold and impenetrable by the GOP, candidates such as Rep. Kirk prove to these naysayers that this is simply not so. A moderate candidate like Kirk, who has fiscally conservative credentials; a record of working in a bipartisan manner; is know for being socially moderate; and has a proud military history can win in these and other moderate states. It is clear that the GOP has started to understand this with their fervent backing of Kirk. As Kirk’s star rises, so will the fates and fortunes of moderate real Republicans who will show the Party that the socially moderate formula not only is viable, but it delivers.


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