An Opening for Moderate Republicans

There are three things that any Republican can say about the current raging debate over health care: that it’s polarizing; that many Americans are hesitant to endorse a plan that gives the government too much control; and that fiscal conservatism could provide the ideal solution to this problem. Republicans have spent the last couple months offering a strong opposition to the public option, which the Obama Administration seems ready to drop. We’re rallied citizens, exposed flaws and problems with the government’s proposal, and yet, we still haven’t truly stepped up in the plate in offering and promoting a valid, fiscally conservative solution that would not only solve the healthcare problem but allow the GOP to stop being the Party of No and instead become the Party of Solutions.

Not only is the door wide open for Republicans, but moderate Republicans should especially be stepping up to the plate on this issue. Senator Olympia Snowe (ME) has been working on a bipartisan co-operative option, but more Republicans need to be pro-active and offering real solutions, not just dissent. Again, this is a prime opportunity for the moderate Republican movement. Moderate Republicans won’t create bills that will end up hurting the American economy, but also won’t spend their time dwelling on divisive social issues that, in the end, drive away more Americans.

RRM wants to hear from more moderate Republicans on what they think health care reform should encompass- and how the GOP needs to market it. Sound off below and tell us what you think.


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