Daily News Round-Up for August 14, 2009

The Hill (Washington, DC)

President Obama will be traveling to Montana today to hold the second out of three town hall events to build support for his health care plan.  The President hopes that the appearances will be an opportunity to win back public opinion for health reform that has been slipping in recent weeks.

Boston Globe (Boston, MA)

In an attempt to end the increasingly acrimonious debate over so called ‘death panels” in the health care debate Senators have chosen to remove the end of life counseling provision.

Sacramento Bee (Sacramento, CA)

California’s budget crisis is beginning to come to a close. The State has announced that they will begin to repay outstanding IOUs they issued to county governments, venders and tax payers.

Politico (Chicago, IL)

Rudy Giuliani, former GOP presidential candidate, stated during an interview that he believes that Obama is failing on health care reform due to a lack of leadership on the part of his administration. He expressed concerns over the cost of the health plan and what types of services would be cut in order to reduce its impact of the deficit.

Rasmussen Reports (Washington, DC)

A poll released yesterday shows the President facing the lowest approval ratings on his handling of health care since the health care debate started. Forty-four percent (44%) of voters now trust Republicans more than Democrats on health care. This is the first time Republicans have held a lead a lead in public opinion on health care reform.


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