Daily News Round-Up for August 13, 2009

Roll Call (Washington, DC)
The NRSC is continuing to find recruits to run in 2010. GOP leaders are working to find candidates in Nevada, Arkansas, and Colorado.  The NRSC has some strong potential challengers in states like California and Delaware that have yet to make a decision on whether to run or not. Republicans have reason to feel positive with the 2010 recruitment with strong GOP candidates in Connecticut with Rob Simmons, and Illinois with Mark Kirk.

New York Times (Washington, DC)
The White House is in deep negotiations over health care reform and numerous reports claim that the President is open to compromising on his public option requirement. The Finance committee’s bill has a provision for the creation of a nonprofit co-op as opposed to a government run plan. Congressional leaders and the White House are indicating that at the moment the Finance bill will most likely be the prevailing legislation.

ABC News (Washington, DC)
The White House and Democrats are facing a decrease in support for the President’s health care reform plan, largely due to citizens concern over its impact on the nation’s deficit.

The Hill (Washington, DC)
Congressman Dean Heller of Nevada announced that he will not challenge Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in 2010. The Republicans are hoping to give Reid a serious race this cycle and are still working to find the right candidate. A new GOP poll Tuesday showed Reid at 39 percent favorability


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