Daily News Round-Up for August 10, 2009

The Hill (Washington, DC)

Former Virginia Attorney General Bob McDonnell (R) has opened up a statistical lead over his Democratic rival in the race for governor, according to new polls out of the Old Dominion. The change in numbers may be a result of Obama’s weakening approval ratings.

Politico (Washington, DC)

Newt Gingrich states that law makers should expect to hear from angry constituents during their district work period. He believes that voters are furious over heavy government spending, the tanking economy and the Democrats’ rush to pass a massive health care reform bill this year.

ABC News (Washington, DC)

Sen. Chuck Schumer (NY-D) has stated that if a bipartisan healthcare reform deal cannot be reached in 37 days, Democrats will have to go it alone. Schumer’s strategy  is based on the analysis that what will matter in the end is not whether Democrats can craft a bill that Republicans support but whether the Democrats party can pass a bill and whether it will actually work once it is implemented.

Wall Street Journal (Washington, DC)

There is an increasing amount of bipartisan opposition to the Administrations plan by House lawmakers to spend $550 million for additional passenger jets for senior government officials. The plan to upgrade the fleet of government jets, which was included in a broader defense-funding bill, has also sparked criticism from the Pentagon, which has said it doesn’t need half of the new jets.


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