Daily News Round-Up for August 7, 2009

Senator Mel Martinez of Florida has announced that he will resign. Martinez stated earlier this year that he would no seek re-election in 2010.

A new poll shows Bob McDonnell up eight points for Virginia’s gubernatorial race. The poll shows McDonnell with a high lead among Independents, while Democratic candidate Creigh Deeds is shown to be underperforming among African Americans.

The Washington Post (Washington, D.C.)
The Senate voted to confirm Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the United States Supreme Court.  The final vote was 68-31, with nine Republicans joining with unanimous consent of all Senate Democrats. Although this is a victory for the Democrats, the GOP contended that they had succeeded at framing the confirmation debate in a way that could influence Obama’s future nominations throughout the federal judiciary.

The New York Times (New York, NY)
With the New Jersey and Virginia races for governor being the only big-ticket political contests for 2009, will prove to be a big test for the Obama Administration. These races are being held up to measure how the American people feel Obama is doing, as well as how the Democrats may fare in next year’s Congressional campaigns. Early polls show both Republicans, McDonnell and Christie, staking out leads.

Fox News (USA)
Obama’s job approval rating has hit an all time low of 50%, while 42% disapprove; according to a new Quinnipiac University poll. This is a 7% drop from the beginning of July. This new poll suggests that the country is losing confidence in his ability to handle domestic policy issues, including healthcare


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