An Open Door for Republican Solutions

The Hill is running a strong article today about the recent protesters appearing at Democratic events. The DNC and the White House are currently calling these protesters “mobs” that have been invoked by the GOP. The Hill sits down with NRSC head Senator John Cornyn (R-TX), who states that the Democratic push for more liberal programs, increased funding through more stimulus packages and the new healthcare agenda has more voters considering support for the GOP. He also stated that these protesters shouldn’t be treated as pariahs and dismissed so harshly by the DNC- they are Americans exercising their First Amendment rights.

It is clear that the American people are beginning to take notice of the agenda in Washington. Republicans should see this as an opportunity to make the case for our Party- not as the Party of No, but as the Party of common sense. If Republicans can band together, support initiatives that offer practical solutions to the problems our Nation faces, and drop their divisive attacks on social issues for smart solutions on fiscal ones, we can finally begin to rebuild and re-attract the American voters that we’ve lost. However, if we continue to focus on fringe social issues as a way to attack the Administration, our return to the majority Party will continue to be an uphill battle.

Click here to read the Hill’s interview with Cornyn, and then sound off below on your thoughts.


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