Recess Brings No Resolution to Health Care Debate

As recess dawns on Capitol Hill, many Democratic lawmakers are scrambling to try to regain fading public support for their government-run health care initiative. This plan, which has been heavily scrutinized by moderate Republicans, conservative Democrats, and far-right Republicans alike, would end up creating a government run healthcare option that would mandate employers provide health insurance or face a regressive tax. For small businesses that are currently unable to afford health insurance, the proposed taxes or forced mandate could easily drive them out of business. For large corporations, the taxes would be far less than the costs of private insurance, flushing their employees into the public system.

RRM also knows that there are millions of uninsured Americans who need a solution. All Republicans can agree that there are flaws in the current system. Many Republicans, including real Republican Senator Olympia Snowe, are working on common sense and economically sound solutions to the improve access and lower cost to healthcare. In the meantime, Democrats will be spending their recesses continuing to cram through their plan- while attempting to shore up their dwindling support. Many Democratic Representatives, who represent swing and more conservative districts, should be worried about the implications next fall as their constituents worry where their real interest lie.


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