Rep. Mark Kirk Announces Senate Run

Yesterday Representative Mark Kirk (IL-10), a Real Republican, announced that he will run for the Illinois Senate in 2010.

Kirk has long been a popular Republican in the state, as one of the few moderate Republicans that has been able to survive the state’s Democratic political machine through his ability to attract voters from all sides with his common-sense initiatives and his refusal to pander to social extremists. As the state’s Democratic Party continues to reel from the scandals brought upon it from former Governor Rod Blagojevich, Republicans in the state began contemplating about Kirk running for Senate. When the current holder of the Senate seat, Senator Roland Burris, announced that he will not be running in 2010, the speculation grew. Kirk originally held off due to a possible run by IL GOP State Chair Andrew McKenna, but McKenna announced last week that he would step aside for Representative Kirk.

RRM knows that Mark Kirk is the type of Republican who can not only win in Illinois, but the type of Senator Illinois needs. He has a strong background in fiscal conservatism, will keep the nation secure, and work with both parties to help Illinois recover and thrive during these difficult economic times.


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