What Franken’s Victory Really Means

Today, Minnesota Senator Al Franken was officially seated after a seven month long court battle for the Senate seat with former Republican MN Senator Norm Coleman. The implications of Franken winning and taking this seat is far-more reaching than simply inside Minnesota- it means that Democrats have a dangerous 60 seat “filibuster-proof” majority. This means that as major spending bills move through the Senate there will be little scrutiny of details and discussion of the long term ramifications of instituting too many government  funded programs.

This demonstrates why it’s so important to have checks and balances in Congress and for Republicans to support candidates who can win- not candidates who pander to the whims of the extreme right wing of the Party. When we allow candidates, real Republican candidates, to be swept away in divisive primaries where special interest groups dominate, we are ultimately cutting off any chance of having balance in Congressional policies. As a Party, we need to back candidates who are able to attract people in the primary and general elections. RRM is already watching key races that are gearing up for 2010 to see if real Republicans will get involved- and will activate our membership as extremist threats to common sense candidates emerge.

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