Extremists call for NRSC boycott

Yesterday, RRM blogged about Daily Kos’s cheeky message to the Club for Growth and pointed out that organizations that target moderate Republicans, with the hope of “purifying” the Party, help Democrats more than they help the GOP.

Today, it appears that RedState is answering Daily Kos’s plea for help. RedState, a conservative blog that touches on a number of issues, including some that RRM agrees on and others we don’t, has asked its readers and members to boycott donating to the National Republican Senatorial Committee until Sen. John Cornyn (TX) steps down. Their reasoning is that the NRSC is supporting primary candidates, such as Florida Governor Charlie Crist, and had supported Senator Arlen Specter when he was still a member of the GOP over former Rep. Pat Toomey.

The NRSC has had a long policy of supporting incumbents over challengers, which Cornyn reiterated while being asked about Toomey’s challenge before the Specter switch. However, RedState seems to be far more upset that Crist is being supported by the NRSC over Marco Rubio, the former FL House Speaker who is much more extremist in his views. RedState is charging that Crist is “abandoning his Governor’s seat to Democrats”- to challenging Rubio, who is a “rising Republican star” (Crist being an established, popular Republican star).

As common sense Republicans, and Republicans who want to win, I bring you the following quote as to why RedState’s agenda seems rather un-Republican.

“Moderate Republicans can complain all they want about the Pat Toomey primary challenge to Arlen Specter, but make no mistake: in this race, it’s the moderate picking a fight to muscle out a conservative in a state where there is no serious question that conservatives have won and can continue to win races statewide.” (RedState’s Dan McLaughlin)

Remember, Arlen Specter was a Republican incumbent with a history of winning in PA. The Florida Senate Seat is an open seat due to the retirement of republican Mel Martinez, and the GOP should be looking for the strongest candidate who can appeal to the largest spectrum of voters, not one based on an ideological litmus test. Has RedState forgot that Barack Obama carried this state by over 51%- indicating that this state can swing either way, and that a candidate who is too extreme may not win?

Extremists in the GOP are making it clear to moderates that they will continue to strangle the Party regardless of its negative impact on our future successes. They don’t want a Big Tent Republican Party, or even a winning or majority Republican Party. We can’t help but read RedState and wonder, who are they really working for- Republicans or the DSCC?


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