Daily News Round-Up for May 11, 2009

Politics Daily ( USA )

CNN reports that FL.Gov Charlie Crist is close to announcing a run for Senate, perhaps early next week.

Louisville Courier-Journal ( Louisville , KY )

If Republicans embrace the message from extremists – further reduce a shrinking party in the name of ideological purity – they may face a long stay in the political wilderness.

PA 2010 ( Harrisburg , PA )

Former Lt. Gov. Bill Scranton’s name has been bandied about a lot in recent days as Republicans have cast about for a new Senate candidate. But in an interview Scranton made it clear he’s not interested.

Baltimore Sun ( Baltimore , MD )

As the RNC prepares to hold a rare, special meeting later this month in the same Maryland county where he began his political rise, Michael Steele’s standing as a national leader may be on the line that could stop him from sliding into irrelevance and becoming little more than an object of ridicule for his enemies.

Political Hotsheet ( USA )

“Well, if I had to choose in terms of being a Republican, I’d go with Rush Limbaugh, I think,” Former VP Dick Cheney said when asked who he sided with, Limbaugh or Colin Powell– who served in the Bush Administration with Cheney.


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